Water Found On Mars, Verifies by NASA

Through image spectrometer on MAR (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), NASA Researchers found the mark of hydrated minerals on slopes of Mars. NASA Researchers said that Mars is not dry planet, in the past, most people thought that Mars has dry planet, but that is wrong, They said in a press conference. Now We will predicting of life existing on Mars because, NASA Scientists confirmed that water is in existence on Mars.        Miss today’s #MarsAnnouncement? Here’s the highlights on evidence that liquid water flows on present-day Mars: https://t.co/sFKSJo7VqD — NASA (@NASA) September 28, 2015

Again Facebook website goes to the downs

Millions of dollars were lost by Facebook due to a Facebook website were not logging in across of the world. Users attempting to get to Facebook were welcomed with the short blunder message on their screens. The message reads “Sad, something turned out badly. We’re taking a shot at it and we’ll get it altered when we can.” Problem found between IST 12:10 am to 1:00 am (approx)  at morning 29 Sep 2015. Facebook site claims 1.23bn monthly users are using Facebook website. Message showing “Sorry something went to wrong” We are working on it and we will get it fixed it as […]

Exact Scale of Solar System Up to 7 Miles

First time in the world has an accurate scale of our solar system on the desert from a nearby  'Nevada's Black Rock Desert'. In this scale our #Earth scale like a small marble. And other planets are also showing exact scale, such as mercury, Venus, Earth, upto Neptune.  The sun is the core part of the solar system which represented as a large balloon, and Neptune shows a very small marble from the distance of the Sun 7miles. The Wylie Overstreet make a group and decided to build an exact scale of the solar system.  So they consider how to […]

Turn any one thing into a phone by ‘Rephone’

A World First open source modular kit that can change anything into  phone by using ‘Rephone’   First, create your phone in just a minute by modules and software accessaries, and customized a phone. 2. After completion phone now it’s ready to hack around a anything like toys, robots, bicycle , drones etc.   Rephone Specification: Nano SIM, LED, antenna GPRS/EDGE:850/1900 Power :3.3-4.2V Powerful microcontroller USB 2.0 Support audio Add extra features on the phone ‘Rephone kits’ Price starts from $12 to $479, its depend on what the  requirement.    

Lavasa – A Man made hill station in india

Welcome to India’s first fully-planned hill city / hill station in India Great dreams are realised only by planning. Lavasa, a planned hill station in Maharashtra, is one such. Billed as India’s first hill city since Independence, it is developed primarily by HCC India and is set amidst 7 hills and 60 km of lakefront and spread over 25,000 acres.     The master plan of Lavasa city (12,500 acres), one of the best hill station in Maharashtra, is developed by internationally renowned design consultant HOK, USA and is based on the principles of new urbanism. Lavasa is first Indian city developed […]

Mecca crane collapse Due to insufficient care

On 11 September 2015, a crawler crane toppled over onto the Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 118 individuals were executed and 394 harmed. The construction firm belongs to the Saudi bin Laden group, It had been working for four years on a 400,000sq m (4.3m sqft) enlargement of the Grand Mosque, to accommodate increasing numbers of pilgrims. The occurrence apparently happened in a matter of seconds before 5:20 p.m. on Friday. There were solid dust storms in the area over the former week. . There were likewise reports of winds of more than 40 kilometers for every hour (25 […]

SEL4 is a First Unhackable Kernel for Security

The World first unhackable kernel of SEL4 is available now open source with end-end identification and security in the kernel of the OS. The Data61 is the Australian National research agency was developed as unhackable kernel. It is called ‘SEL4‘ , They had used some mathematical operation which has the unhackable property of mathematical.   Sel4 is the 3th generation microkernel, which is designed to secure and detect from cyber attackers.It also support many features of L4 microkernel such as: High Performance Dense size Least privilege. Enforced Security model.      

Hyperloop is becoming real by intro video

What is Hyperloop: The Hyperloop is a fast transportation concept which introduced by Elon Musk. In air compressors and linear induction motor in which have pressurized capsules for rides on air cushion. This pressure has reduced manner which help in ridding in air cushion.   The fifth mode of transit now is becoming real. The first video is launched by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transportation. The hyperloop project is introduced by technology engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk. It is now under construction. The main aims of this project to get up a fast transportation system with a low-pressure tube. The transportation from the tunnel-train is expected to take […]

Self-destructing chip to protect of data

Xerox PARC’s Engineerer have developed self-destroying computer chip which automatically destroys in 10 seconds.  It is mostly prepared for protecting to data from hacker side and any other activity. It is generally used for encrypted keys for storing data and shared in small small pieces of data which hardly to reasamble of data.  And this chip has got as a part of DARPA’s vanishing programmable resources project. The group introduced the innovation at DARPA’s “Hold up, What?” Occasion, where they employed a laser to trigger the self-obliteration process. As should be obvious in the future beneath, the chip didn’t just […]

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