Disney Toys now Gonna talk..

The Researchers of Disney have came up with idea regarding our favourite toys. They are now gonna built a Linux-based LEDs that can communicate with each other.     The researchers used off-the-shelf commercial LED light bulbs that they then modified so that they could send and receive visible light signals. Modification include System-on-a-Chip running the Linux operating system, a VLC controller module with the protocol software and an additional power supply for the added electronics. Internet of Things Communication with light     More about this research can be read in this paper here. “What am I missing here? Let me […]

Fly a Drone Via Web-Bluetooth With Mozilla

The Mozilla has added to an application that let the clients to control the automation utilizing a network browser. For Controlling the automaton by means of a browser, mozilla built up another Bluetooth API for building up the association in the middle of automation and a browser. This new Bluetooth programming interface is being created at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) by the Web Bluetooth Community Group. Google & Mozilla developer are Working on new Bluetooth API. When this Bluetooth API release in the near future, it allows developers to make JavaScript-based web apps which allow you control the […]

ISS Controls a Feeling Robot on Earth By An Astronaut

A Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen from the International Space Station (ISS) has successfully held a robot from space with micrometer exactness, in spite of being 400km up and going at rates of 28,800km/h. Andreas Mogensen, the first Dane in space, utilized a critical framework to “feel” what he was doing 400km away. He charged the Interact Centaur wanderer continuously, utilizing a joystick to drive it around before taking control of its automated arm to place a peg into an opening on a circuit board. Mogensen was circling around 250 miles over the Earth as the trial was in progress and […]

Tiny Robot can cycling like a Man

This Tiny Robot can ride,cycling like a real man. It also looking very cute and small. – It can easy to balance his body like a man. This robot framework comprises of an industrially accessible two-legged robot and a bike made by Yamaguchi. To identify how much the robot is tilting, the TAG201 gyro from Tamagawa Seiki is utilized. In view of the tilt information, a system called PID control is utilized to control the robot’s adjusting movement.

Star War BB-8 is Controlled by Mobile

Star war Sphere BB-8 robot is now available for controlled by your own mobile app. It is balance and roll by itself like an any robot. -It is based on new Droid robot BB-8 from Star War. -Actually, it is controlled by your own mobile with an app which provided by droid robot. -Its market Price is  $150. Now you can play with your own Star war sphere BB-8 Robot at home and any other place by Mobile App. BB-8’s body is a smooth plastic ball, around three inches in measurement, that is wrapped in nitty gritty design that so […]

WhatsApp Hack Is Now Here..!

  WhatsApp is currently one of the most secure messaging services purely because it works with a particular phone number and requires a certain code. This article you gonna Hack Someone’s account, Its now not a myth.. So people, lets get started now. Method 1:- Social Engineering NOTE:- THIS WORK WITH SOMEBODY YOU KNOW OR ARE FRIENDS WITH. Step 1: Firstly Download Bluestacks Step 2: For this to work, a little Social Engineering is required. Using this software you would need to download and open up the whatsapp application. Step 3:- Now enter the Phone number of your victim. WhatsApp […]

World First 4K Player launches from Samsung

Since 4K Movies, Tv, Home theater coming into our market, so why not 4K Player not come-on this market. Now Samsung became a world first company to launch 4K player at the IFA 2015 press conference in Berlin. It is called the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player (UBD K8500). This player offers 64 times the color  expression and 4 times resolution than any other standard HD player. And it also supports HDR contents in which UHD Blu-ray movies, working with 64 frames/ second. You can see above image, what the different between Hd to 4K quality. Here main difference is resolution and frame speed per second.    

World Fastest WiFi Router of ASUS

Asus introduces world fastest wifi router of spiker. It will give best experience of gaming, 4K streaming of video with any disturbance with a smart home network. The Asus RT-AC5300 router gives 67 % faster than any tri-band and first generation router speed. So it is called world fastest route. Asus company is promising to give up to 1Gbps connection with 2.4GHz- 2. 16Gbps on every of two 5GHz bands.

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