Need For Speed- No Limits Release on -5 Nov 2015

Upcoming the most famous game of #Need for Speed -No limit  releases a new series of Racing game on 5 November, 2015 at #PS4 & #Xbox one. It will  be available for Window PC in spring 2016. It is developed by #Ghost Games and published by #Electronic Arts(EA) for #Playstation4, Xbox One & #Windows.       Pre-Order now Feature: Rich, authentic customization. Construct an auto to mirror your character with broad visual and execution customization choices. Since your ride ought to look on a par with its handles. West Coast playground. Find Ventura Bay. From the thick city streets to the winding streets that lead you […]

Humanoid Robot can Riding a Motobot–Yamaha’s Motorcycle

#Yamaha introduces a concept of #self riding #motorcycle that be called #Motobot. Today everywhere is their robot for doing any kind of work, so why can’t be in motorcycle #humanoid. As long back humanoid robot wasn’t be on two wheelers.Yamaha has unveiled Motobot, a robot designed to ride Superbikes much like you would — it even has to twist the throttle to start moving. Motobot is the result of an exceptional R&D exertion in #robotics #technology and Yamaha’s intend to make a robot that could cruise any unmodified bike. Also, in the event that you are a rider yourself, you would comprehend […]

World Most Secure OS Can Protect You From Hacker

Whatever we are using the #OS in our system such as  #Linux, #Window, #BSD & #Mac all these are based on #Monolithic #kernel, it will easily to control the whole system just one successful Kernel Exploit. #Kali Linux, #Tails & #Whonix has the most secured OS on monolithic Kernel, but these also can hacked. So the most secured OS called #Qubes OS is a Linux based security-oriented and open-source operating system for personal computers, which runs everything within the #virtual machines. In general, Qubes OS takes a methodology called security by segregation, which in this setting means keeping the things you […]

World’s First Canal Solar Plant in Gujarat

The #Canal #Solar #Power Project is a project launched in #Gujarat, India, to use the 19,000-kilometer-long network of #Narmada #canals across the state for setting up solar panels to generate electricity. It was the first ever such project in India. This project has been commissioned by #SunEdison India. The pilot project will generate 1 MW of clean energy per annum and also prevent evaporation of 9 million liters of water annually from the canal. The project virtually eliminates the requirement to acquire vast tracts of land and limits evaporation of water from the 750 meter long canals. The engineering, procurement and construction contract […]

Virtual Reality Become a Real via –Magic Leap

#Magic #Leap idea that computing should be molded and forged to work for us: our life, our #physiology, we connected #relationships.  That exploring #human #creativity is as big an #adventure as exploring #space. It’s a thought established in the conviction that individuals ought not need to pick between innovation or well being, innovation or security, the virtual world or this present reality. This conviction was conceived from two straightforward perceptions: That present innovation, we use to get to the advanced world utmost, or even take us away, from the material every one of the universes. That the eventual fate of […]

Self Driving Cars Would be Programmed to Kill You

In the #future, #self-driving cars will soon rule the roads and as the tests suggest, the #autonomous #vehicles take extra security precautions.  According to the reports, very few minor #accidents that took place along the road during tests, were caused due to the mistake of other vehicles or people on the road.  This brings us to a very interesting scenario that deals with an issue of unavoidable accidents. The question  is over assessing the relative morality of different algorithms—who gets harmed and who gets spared. The car can remain on course and kill several #pedestrians, or swerve and kill one […]

Facebook’s Update For iPhone Fixes– Two Major Battery Drains

If you use #Facebook on your favorite #iPhone, your #battery may terribly go down. Whereas we tend to would not calculate this suddenly ever-changing, Facebook is #fixing 2 major issues that were splintering away at your charge. As Facebook #engineer Ari Grant explained, there have been 2 major problems that were inflicting giant, excess battery drains. The primary was a relentless computer hardware spin cycle that was expenditure your resources while not extremely doing an abundance of something. The second, and on the face of it worse, was a bug that caused Associate in Nursing audio channel to remain open if […]

Shutdown Laptop/PC with Android..Safe your system with other

Intro: Now android app can be able to reboot and start your System. It is very easy to use. Android App You can download Shutdown Start Remote app from Play Store. File Name- Shutdown Start Remote Link for download Android app…. Android App…… System Application For using this application, you must have Java in your system. Installation not required just need to be started by Java. Link for download System App…. System Appliction….. Compatible with Windows,Linux and Mac. You have to download and install Java RunTime Environment on System to open the system application. You can Download Java from below […]

Anyone Search–Your–2 Trillions Post on Facebook

#2trillions post on #Facebook now publicly opens for #search anyone can see your #post easily. Facebook makes easier #search #engine like a Google, Twitter for finding any stuffs. This new feature of Facebook gives new indexes of 2trillions of FB posts it works like any other search engine. The new features, called “Search FYI”, are designed to make it easier to ascertain information on Facebook.  If lots of users are talking around an event such as evidence of water on Mars, for example, it will find posts around that subject.  The search results will display links from news organizations, posts from friends and […]

Asus ROG–Run Any Game..Gaming Beast

Latest #Asus-ROG Clam that it can support every #Games.. This laptop come with compact look, just 2.5 liters of volume.. Intel Core #i7 prossing power and #NVIDIA GTX 750Ti graphics!! supports #4k/UHD with Cool and Quite tech.. It supports almost all game which you gonna throw on it. That’s the benefit of pairing with #Intel SKYLAKE processor. IT’s LED-backLit Panel support NVIDIA’S G-SYNC tech.. It come with a hot scary look with #ARMOR TITANIUM AND PLASMA COPPER color.. Other Specification depends on the Model you Choose. Asus come up with several series(ROG G752VY is one with TX 980M GPU(don’t confused […]

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