Sand River — Have u heard about it????

River Of HAIL flows Through Scorching Desert in Iraq.   IRAQ is know for Hot,dry summer & cool Winter.   A frozen river of ice water is seen raging through the desert.     But in past few year Iraq was hit by a Torrential Rain and Ice Storm which led to meltdown in the war-torn country.  Emergency services could have expertise of sand storms but they were left unprepared for the sudden  onset of the icy downpour which left hospitals and governmental establishments swamped and buckling underneath the strain of demands.   Iraqi residents reported hailstones the dimensions of golf balls that rained down inflicting […]

Kanpur metro DPR presented before UP government on November 7

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Kanpur Metro Rail Project is formally be presented to the state government on Saturday 7th of november. It will be presented by the RITES to Alok Ranjan, Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh, in the presence of Sadakant, Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Planning, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC). The responsibility of 'Coordinator' for preparation of DPR for Metro in four important cities of Uttar Pradesh namely Kanpur, Varanasi, Meerut and Agra. For this purpose RITES, a Government of India Undertaking, had been engaged by the […]

Latest Hydrogen Fuel base Car–By Honda

The most famous Motors industry of Honda Motor’s present new hydrogen-powered Clarity fuel base car at Tokyo Motor Show. This is the first time in the world, Honda FCV Concept, in this concept car will come with new fuel-cell-vehicle(FCV), also enales AC power output with maximum output of 9 Kw. The Honda FCV CONCEPT is additionally outfitted with a 70 MPa high-weight hydrogen storage tank that gives a cruising scope of more than 700 km. The tank can be refilled in around 3 minutes, making refueling as fast and simple as today’s gas vehicles. The Honda FCV based on the past successor model […]

Can You Give Your Kids a Pure Smile

Give your kids a pure smile      I'm going to tell you how to take care about your children's teeth and how to give them a pure smile. Did you know that dental caries (tooth decay) are the second most widespread disease of mankind after common cold…? And children below 10 years are more prone to dental caries than adults, the reasons behind this are… Milk teeth have thin enamel compared to the permanent teeth. So it takes less time for bacteria to destroy milk teeth than permanent teeth. During sleep, secretion of saliva decreases and this is the […]

Building Own Galaxy With Code of ‘Star Wars’

Lucasfilm, Disney and, the nonprofit association that is taking a shot at growing access to computer science, have united in a mission to offer understudies some assistance with building so as to learn how to code their own Star Wars game. This game tutorial consists of an online lesson that teaches students, how to build own game with popular characters are Princess Leia, Rey, BB-8 — featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO. Play with Hour of code This tutorial help for kids to become good programming knowledge at side of the study. In that game have simple step to design own game […]

Check Your Android Device is Vulnerability to attack from Hacker

Now a  day Vulnerability is the major problem in mobile security. In past year many of the trouble found in Android device such as Bug, hacking and some other Vulnerabilities in mobile. The Seriours Vulnerabilities is the Stragefright Security Bug. In which we needed to intall malicious code on the Android devices, that code be in simple text messages. The app of VTS for Android is a free open souce app which can check your mobile or tablet devices for 22 vulnerabilities, it also alert you to any possible problems. Note: Your mobile Antivirus may stop this App for installation, because it contain […]

Another weather system brewing over the Bay of Bengal

Chennai and other parts of North Tamil Nadu may have to get ready for another downpour this weekend as another weather system is brewing over the Bay of Bengal. A low pressure area lying over southeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Lakshadweep area brought heavy overnight showers on Thursday. S. R. Ramanan, director, Area Cyclone Warning Centre, said: “The trough of low pressure that persists over south Andaman sea is likely to intensify into a low pressure area and move towards southeast Bay of Bengal by Saturday. We are monitoring the possibility of the system further intensifying into a depression.” The […]

Mysterious ‘WT1190F’ Space Object has Reached safely in Indian Ocean

The #Mysterious space object 'WT1190F' expected to reach into the Indian Ocean or near southern coast of Sri Lanka.This object likely to similar man-made space object which likely belong to lunar or interplanetary mission.It expected size has found during fall into ocean is 1-2 Meters or 3-6 feet. This is first time of NASA astronomers knew that when and where a piece of space garbage would reached on Earth's atmosphere at Nov 13 2015. The space object might have burnt to ashes before reaching the Earth’s atmosphere it was revealed . See this post also—–: Mysterious Space Garbage Source: NASA

Chennai metro to tap solar energy

                                                         Three months after the launch of the Chennai Metro Rail service between Koyambedu and Alandur, officials are now looking at the possibility of tapping solar energy. According to officials of the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), they are planning to install solar power panels either in the shed or the depot in Koyambedu. “We are yet to take a call on this. We estimate it would generate about 1000 kW power generation,” […]

Anyone Can Make an Own Robot–With Robo Wunderkind

Meet #Robo Wunderkind is the new way to design your own #Robot.This is building programming with #Lego-like bricks game,that be teach to kids learn how to program,how algorithms and code work in robot design. Robo Wunderkind is a #robotics kit which can you build own robot with fun,pick and basic programming skills along the way.and kids also playing game with that robot at easily. How to build Robot with Robo Wunderkind: It is easy to build Robot The connecting of brick together to make it own functionality Robot. It haven't any wire to connection. Learning Code: Learn code via app’s visual […]

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