World’s First ‘Ibuprofen’ Patch Can Pain Relief Through Skin Across 12 Hours

Ibuprofen is an amazingly compelling and impressively safe pain killer. Presently, analysts have made what they claim to be the first ever ibuprofen fix, that is ready to fit in with the skin and give an unfaltering arrival of the medication for up to 12 hours.  The University of Warwick's researcher have worked with Coventry-based Medherant, a Warwick spinout organization, to create and patent the World's first ever ibuprofen patch conveying the medication specifically through skin to precisely where it is required at a steady measurements rate.The researchers claim that the patch can keep as much as 30 % by weight of […]

Hacker Can Steal Data From Radio, Sound Wave By ‘Funtenna’

A researcher named Ang Cui demonstrated that there’s a possibility to remotely take information from a focused on PC without increasing any physical access to the objective PC, or to the system joined with the objective PC. He codenamed this inventive hack as 'Funtenna'.  A recent experiment by a researcher would drive you to reevaluate the safety of your critical information and make you put a coincided shield around your PCs and server farms to prevent the radio frequencies from passing. This creative hack can change any gadget or equipment, suppose printer or scanner, joined with the Internet – a portion of the […]

Google’s Claims That It’s Quantum Computer is 100 Millions Times Faster Than Any Laptop

Google has recently shared more details about its quantum computer project, it runs with NASA partnership. The company says its mammoth D-Wave 2X quantum computer has been figured out it algorithms up to 100 million times the speed of any computer and 3600 times faster than a super computer, it could make a big difference by comparing in the processing power of computers. Researchers team of Google’s artificial intelligence labs has published results, which show that a quantum computer works properly. The team has also published a paper on its findings. Quantum computers can, theoretically be so much faster, because they take advantage of a quirk […]

India First Eco-Friendly Train

The Indian Railways is set to starts its green journey with India’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) powered train being flagged off by Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu on January 13. This train is running on dual fuel (diesel and CNG) in Rewari-Rohtak section of northern zone. During the launch of the Railway minister Suresh Prabhu announces another CNG train between Rewari to Bikaner in rail budget 2014-15. This will be a great revolution towards the use of unconventional energy and no need to depend on conventional energy fully. It is environment friendly too.   Through fumigation technology Indian railway has modified the […]

Adidas 3D-Printed Shoes is Made From Ocean Waste

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans, an association dedicated to reducing plastic waste in oceans, have worked together to make a 3D-printed shoe made out of reused ocean plastic. The shoe is only a model, however the objective is to exhibit how the business can “rethink design and help stop ocean plastic pollution,” as indicated by Adidas. The model has an “upper” made of sea plastic and a 3D-printed padded sole of reused polyester and gillnets, a type of fishing net. Adidas also say this specific goal will be accomplished before the end of the first quarter of 2016.   Imagine […]

‘DC AVANTI’ Is The First ‘India’ Made Sport Car

India’s first car DC Avanti launched at the 2012 auto expo in Delhi with starting price 35.93lakh (ex-showroom). Its car name based upon the Studebakar Avanthi. Specification of Avanti Engine Type 2 litre Petrol Turbo Capacity 2000cc Maximum Power 250 bhp @ 5500 RPM Maximum Torque 340 NM @ 2750 to 5000 Maximum Speed Electronically limited to 200 KMPH Acceleration 100km/h in 6sec Transmission 6 speed Manual Drive Rear Mid Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Turning Radius 6 mtrs Front Track 1670 mm Rear Track 1650 mm Tyres (Front) 255 x 35 R20 Tyres (Rear) 295 x 30 R20 Steering Rack and […]

FreeCharge Files patent for ‘On The Go Pin’ Alternative of OTP

Snapdeal owned digital payments company #FreeCharge has developed in-house #FinTech (finacial technology) based innovation as an alternative to the one-time-password and has filed patent application for the same. New Age Indian Startup Companies Waking up to the Potential of Patents The patent pending authentication technology is termed as ‘On The Go Pin’ and is focus at working both online as well as offline transactions faster by cutting the delay caused by receiving the OTP through text message as reported by TOI. Rahul Dev, patent and trademark lawyer at Tech Corp Legal, told ET this pattern of licensing new innovation is […]

Honda Design a ASIMO-Style Robot For Disaster Response

Honda is building up another form of their ASIMO robot that could be valuable in dangerous settings to keep people out of hurt's way. The current ASIMO robot is apparently the most exceptional robot in the world, so why didn't Honda put their robots into action during  the Fukushima Nuclear disaster? Honda didn't simply dispatch ASIMO (apparently one of the crucial most refined and prepared humanoid robots in presence) to help out. the simple answer is that ASIMO wouldn't have the capacity to deal with that kind (or any kind) of extreme environment. The robotic was once not the slightest […]

World’s First Smart Microhabitat — ‘Biopod’

Biopod is an app-controlled microhabitat that automatically manages temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Develop anything from a herb, vegetable or flower garden to a rainforest for your pets. Biopod recreates the perfect environment for your plants, creatures or both. Application of Biopod Animal Habitat Herb & veggie garden Home Decorate Educational Tools Office ​How to used it:     Source: kickstarter

First’s Cyber-Plants Fuse Electronic With Rose

The first time, researchers have created analogue and  electronic circuits inside living plants, using the vascular system of living roses to build – or rather ‘grow’ – the central components of electronic circuits. Scientists at Linköping University in Sweden blended various electrical parts inside the roses, including wires, Digital logic, and even display based components, on account of an uncommon polymer that is fit for acting like a wire while as yet transporting natural material, for example, water and supplements through the rose’s stem. Upto now not there any published regarded about electronic plants. Linkoping’s Professor Magnus Berggren said that “no one’s […]

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