You know that the Universe grows like a Giant Brain

As we know already our universe simulation look like human brain cells. We are mostly connected to the universe in such a way, but even we cannot compare our brain to the universe. Here one question arive Is the universe be alive or not? The scientist has already studied that our universe grows like a some sort of giant brain. As we know how atom are look like a solar system, how the large-scale structure of the universe are look like neurons in the human brain and how there’s the interesting coincidence that the number of stars in a galaxy, […]

Ultra-flexible ‘Electronic skin’ turns your body into an LED screen

A group of Japanese’s Scientists has created an ultra-flexible electronic skin, which can allow a person to wear like a digital display on his body. It is made up from organic & inorganic materials, which is use in sports, medical and some others fields. Today a lot of fitness devices came on the market for monitoring health fitness, Now new invention by researchers in Tokyo, Japan, these super-adaptable electronic displays are the most slender ever, at a staggering 3 micrometers thick. How thin is that, precisely? Gracious around 0.003 mm – more than 13 times more slender than a human hair. […]

Naturally clean your home’s indoor air by using ‘Clairy’

Clairy is one of the most amazing natural air purifier, which control with smartphone App and its pot made by Italian ceramic and it’s also have fans for polluted air send out to thier home. Mostly people think that air pollution is only outside of our home, but it’s totally wrong thinking. Recent studies have out that indoor pollution is 5x more than outside air pollution and we created 90% of indoor air pollution, this report said by ‘WHO organization’. So people think that why we care indoor air pollution. Clairy guys come to reduce indoor pollution by using product of […]

Scientists have developed a programming language for living cells

Technology growing day by day, by technology we can do anything at easy way, MIT Biological Engineers have developed a generic programming language for living cells, which is based on DNA-encoded circuit format, it will provide a new form of living cells. The new power of programming scientists would develop DNA Sequences for immediately, which is used inside a living thing like a bacteria and viruses. “It is literally a programming language for bacteria,” said Christopher Voigt from MIT professor of biological engineering. “You use a text-based language, just like you’re programming a computer. Then you take that text and you compile it and it […]

Little cute ‘Codeybot’ robot teaches Kids to coding, dances

The startup company called Makeblock, is led by CEO Jasen Wang and his team was developed a Codeybot which can teach kids how to code at easy way and also teaches of dances, play music & laser shoots for entertainment for kids. And it  runs on OpenWt Linux. He reveal that he learn to code when he study an undergraduate. “But I’ve been captivated by it since I started learning.”“I think coding is a very useful path to creation, for kids especially,” Jasen adds. “In this information age, coding became a useful and important method – children can make their ideas come […]

Scientists created the world’s smallest Diode by using a single molecule of DNA

The world smallest diode which is created by a single molecule of DNA by collaboration of U.S. and Israeli Scientists from University of Georgia and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). Day by day computing hardware going to smaller & smaller, Today, engineers have doing worked hard to shrink down the silicon, which used in the processors to provide the power of the machine. The diode is an electronic device which allows current to flow in one direction or not other direction for prevents its flow. It is worked like central element in common electronic devices such that computers & mobiles etc. Scientists […]

No one Can Read your WhatsApp Message, through end to end Encryption

WhatsApp is the most famous chatting messenger  which has a billion of users at worldwide, WhatsApp is now come with End-End Encrypted at new version of App…… This new version of WhatsApp will encrypt that a user’s message including your videos, photos and files which sent WhatsApp users. Now WhatsApp  can’t also read by anyone message— not hackable, not cyber criminal activity be done including your group chats will be encrypted. Users can be used this service at the latest version of WhatsApp, app itself notified you for update. security setting be enabled by default. “Whatsapp’s roll out of the […]

‘KELT-4Ab’ Astronomers now Discovered a stable planet in a triple-star system

While we stay here on Earth turning upward in awe at how magnificent our star, the Sun, is, space experts have quite recently found a steady planet inside a triple-star framework that makes our Solar System appear to be fairly exhausting.  There are a ton of things outside our ability to understand and a unique little something is space and its incomprehensible cluster of planets, worlds and a great deal more. Space experts are dependably vigilant for something extraordinary and they have found another stable planet inside a triple star framework. This new planet revelation has taken enthusiasm off of […]

‘OLO’ The First Smart Phone base 3D Printer

We keep hearing about the awesome applications of 3D printers, such as home-made braces (don’t actually try at home), toys, Terminator-style creations that rise from molten plastic baths, and, you know, human ears, but despite the technology being cheaper and more accessible than ever, you probably don’t have too many people in your life (if any) who actually use a 3D printer for real. Well, if devices like the OLO are anything to go on, that could all be about to change. The OLO is a $99 gadget that lets you turn any smartphone into a 3D printer, and uses […]

Kolkata flyover collapse: RACE AGAINST THE TIME

A flyover under construction in the Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta) has collapsed, killing at least 24 people and injuring nearly 100. More are feared trapped under the concrete and steel bridge, and rescue efforts are continuing all night. Images show residents using their bare hands to help find victims. Safety issues such as lack of inspections and the use of substandard materials have plagued construction projects in the country. The accident took place in an area near Girish Park, one of Kolkata’s most densely populated neighbourhoods, with narrow lanes, and shops and houses built close together. The 2km-long (1.2 mile) flyover had been […]

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