‘Ms Dhoni the untold story’ Movie Teaser To be Out

hello friends .. Just seen the teaser of the “M.S DHONI” looks promising where the journey of a great Indian captain begins. People use to say that luck doesn’t work it works as well as it needs your hard work and dedication. As shown in the teaser the journey of Dhoni from his first job as a ticket collector and next how he became the captain of Indian cricket team and Dhoni is walking on Kharagpur station it will be surprised the people who don’t know about the dhoni. The voice of his senior in guiding the dhoni that how […]

Finally Oscar is in ‘The Revenant’ court

Hello Friends                                When we hear the name of the Leonardo de Carpio there are a lot of memory that comes in our mind like Titanic, The Beach, Aviator, Ganges of New York, Blood diamond, Body of lies, Inception, Shutter Island, The wolf of the wall street etc. But last year one another movie came of the veteran actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s “THE REVENANT“.which made him grab the Oscar award. His performance was fabulous in his most of the movies. but the finally the wait is over and our titanic hero is […]

Dum Laga ke Haisa review :Best Romantic Comedy Of 2015

Hello friends A director who can the roll the movie wherever he wants sarth katariya is proved with the 2nd ventur dum laga ke haisha.A romantic comedy set in late 1995 at haridawar. In the movie seems to be very pure, real, touchy with the location and the dialouge. But a good movie is only can be made if there is effective script. The real is hero script and sartha katariya succeded to create the real hero but the job doesn't get over with the script itself.you need to create the create the same hero on screen as u created on the paper. That will […]

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