World’s First Smart Microhabitat — ‘Biopod’

Biopod is an app-controlled microhabitat that automatically manages temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Develop anything from a herb, vegetable or flower garden to a rainforest for your pets. Biopod recreates the perfect environment for your plants, creatures or both. Application of Biopod Animal Habitat Herb & veggie garden Home Decorate Educational Tools Office ​How to used it:     Source: kickstarter

Voice Controlled Smart Mirror Made – By Microsoft Developer

Evan Cohen is a developer's Microsoft made his own smart mirror project just only 20 hours. This project fully open source available on GitHub. You can also make own mirror project by using open source code and convert them into futuristic canvas which will show maps display, images and also controls gadgets at your home. Requiement to make own Smart-Mirror: Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2, USB Microphone, Philips Hue, Mirror Pane (aka Observation Glass), Monitor with the bezel removed Software: Freshly install Raspbian, Jessie, Chromium   Source: GitHub

Solu- World’s Smallest Computer to Change the Computing

The world’s smallest general-purpose compute–Solu. It comes with advanced cloud-linked OS, an interactive user interface with the unique subscription model. It is also portable and easy to use for computing purpose. It is built for people work together and present it, and also allowing you to freedom to work anywhere you want and with your team. Solu Feature’s:  Advanced Cloud-linked OS: Solu’s OS make it easy to trade local file systems for a large multi-GB cache of the Solu cloud, its automatically maintained, backups and installation. There is no need to install any application manually. All data be encrypted form and make it […]

Only $5… Can you Make Own Computer?

Are you crazy about to make own computer at the lowest price? Now it's to be happened by Raspberry Pi zero chip.Raspberry Pi declared its most up to date show, the Zero. Costing just $5, it represents a vast decline in price that should to afford the cost of more people to chance to utilize PCs than any time in recent memory. Significantly smaller than the normal Raspberry Pi model B, Pi Zero works at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM, making it around 40–60% quicker as per Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upto.   Specification: 1Ghz, Single-core CPU (40% faster […]

Pepper– The World First Emotional Robot

Aldebaran Softbank has release latest Pepper humanoid robot, its look like a human and live with humans. It doesn’t clean, doesn’t cook and other work which help human efforts.. Pepper is to design for the social robot which able to recognize and react to your emotions, communicate with you and its work automatically. Pepper robot is like a human shape, friendly to intract you, he’s able to communicate with you through interface of voice, touch and emotions.It is created by Japan’s most popular #SoftBank mobile operator campany. Pepper Emotions: Pepper can judge you with his knowledge of universal emotions such as surprise, […]

Latest Hydrogen Fuel base Car–By Honda

The most famous Motors industry of Honda Motor’s present new hydrogen-powered Clarity fuel base car at Tokyo Motor Show. This is the first time in the world, Honda FCV Concept, in this concept car will come with new fuel-cell-vehicle(FCV), also enales AC power output with maximum output of 9 Kw. The Honda FCV CONCEPT is additionally outfitted with a 70 MPa high-weight hydrogen storage tank that gives a cruising scope of more than 700 km. The tank can be refilled in around 3 minutes, making refueling as fast and simple as today’s gas vehicles. The Honda FCV based on the past successor model […]

Surface Pro 4 available to India in Jan 2016

The Surface Pro 4 will be the first gadget to be dispatched in India, as Microsoft has so far kept the Surface line up far from the Indian market. The Surface Pro 4 is the most recent and most prominent adaptation, with another 12.3-inch 2736×1824 determination show, Intel Skylake processor, various SSD choices up to 1TB, and a more slender magnesium packaging. Feature: Light weight & powerful Design. Thin & metallic craft. Best performance Easy to work in both Mobile & Laptop. The main Advantage: Easy to handle 2-in one Laptop come with the tablet Price starts from $899- $1799 […]

Asus ROG–Run Any Game..Gaming Beast

Latest #Asus-ROG Clam that it can support every #Games.. This laptop come with compact look, just 2.5 liters of volume.. Intel Core #i7 prossing power and #NVIDIA GTX 750Ti graphics!! supports #4k/UHD with Cool and Quite tech.. It supports almost all game which you gonna throw on it. That’s the benefit of pairing with #Intel SKYLAKE processor. IT’s LED-backLit Panel support NVIDIA’S G-SYNC tech.. It come with a hot scary look with #ARMOR TITANIUM AND PLASMA COPPER color.. Other Specification depends on the Model you Choose. Asus come up with several series(ROG G752VY is one with TX 980M GPU(don’t confused […]

Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL Experience as a PC

Microsoft Launches New Lumia phone 950,950 XL with window 10  experience as a PC. Lumia 950 & 950xl have introduced those people, who like to make his office or business work in his mobile. Now Microsoft launches two Lumia mobile with high configure of hardware and performance of works. Lumia 950 Microsoft Lumia 950 with Dual SIM has high quality of the feature, attractive design along with Window 10. Specification: Display Size:-                  5.2″ Main Camera:-               20 MP Secondary Camera:-     5 MP Charger:-                 […]

Turn any one thing into a phone by ‘Rephone’

A World First open source modular kit that can change anything into  phone by using ‘Rephone’   First, create your phone in just a minute by modules and software accessaries, and customized a phone. 2. After completion phone now it’s ready to hack around a anything like toys, robots, bicycle , drones etc.   Rephone Specification: Nano SIM, LED, antenna GPRS/EDGE:850/1900 Power :3.3-4.2V Powerful microcontroller USB 2.0 Support audio Add extra features on the phone ‘Rephone kits’ Price starts from $12 to $479, its depend on what the  requirement.    

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