Hack A Linux Computer By Pressing Backspace Key ’28 Times’

Pressing again and again actually works for once times. This was happended of two security researchers in Spain, they found bug on Linux computer just by pressing the backspace button 28 times. This time, the issue is neither in a kernel nor in an operating system itself, but rather the vulnerability actually resides in Grub2, the popular Grand Unified Bootloader, which is used by most Linux systems to boot the operating system when the PC starts. The scientists, Hector Marco and Ismael Ripoll from the Cybersecurity Group at Polytechnic University of Valencia, observed that it's conceivable to sidestep all security of a […]

Steam Looses its Control…

    Several countries have reported regrading the Issues with Steam' cache. Millions of Gamers have faced the problem that the stream provide them  to connect with the random accounts.. The random account have their Account details, their phone numbers,libraries and other payment information. If you gotta Paypal account info. or any credit card detail stored in your account –plz be careful.   Valve store entire Steam network offiline that can be dangerous…   SkidNP hacking group made Steam Server down.. Stream Site: http://store.steampowered.com/

10 Tips to Secure your Mobile Phone

First time in history, more than 25% mobile use of the global population in 2015 survey, and more than one-third of the consumers worldwide by 2018. The sudden rise of mobile device can be increased use of mobile application on the mobile platform. But something may be happened on mobile devices due to less security on their mobile phone. So use some tips to maintain your mobile security. The most time security problems. Most time security problem arises via mobile app, these top mobile app categories to leak vulnerability of your mobile are: Game, Shopping, Social, Weather, transportation Tips to […]

Hacker Can Steal Data From Radio, Sound Wave By ‘Funtenna’

A researcher named Ang Cui demonstrated that there’s a possibility to remotely take information from a focused on PC without increasing any physical access to the objective PC, or to the system joined with the objective PC. He codenamed this inventive hack as 'Funtenna'.  A recent experiment by a researcher would drive you to reevaluate the safety of your critical information and make you put a coincided shield around your PCs and server farms to prevent the radio frequencies from passing. This creative hack can change any gadget or equipment, suppose printer or scanner, joined with the Internet – a portion of the […]

Google’s Claims That It’s Quantum Computer is 100 Millions Times Faster Than Any Laptop

Google has recently shared more details about its quantum computer project, it runs with NASA partnership. The company says its mammoth D-Wave 2X quantum computer has been figured out it algorithms up to 100 million times the speed of any computer and 3600 times faster than a super computer, it could make a big difference by comparing in the processing power of computers. Researchers team of Google’s artificial intelligence labs has published results, which show that a quantum computer works properly. The team has also published a paper on its findings. Quantum computers can, theoretically be so much faster, because they take advantage of a quirk […]

FreeCharge Files patent for ‘On The Go Pin’ Alternative of OTP

Snapdeal owned digital payments company #FreeCharge has developed in-house #FinTech (finacial technology) based innovation as an alternative to the one-time-password and has filed patent application for the same. New Age Indian Startup Companies Waking up to the Potential of Patents The patent pending authentication technology is termed as ‘On The Go Pin’ and is focus at working both online as well as offline transactions faster by cutting the delay caused by receiving the OTP through text message as reported by TOI. Rahul Dev, patent and trademark lawyer at Tech Corp Legal, told ET this pattern of licensing new innovation is […]

‘Hashcat’ Now Open Source–‘World fastest Password Recovery Tool’

Hashcat is the world's fastest CPU-based password recovery tool. Now it is available free of open source on Linux,OSX, and Windows. It also supports a large range of hashing algorithms, including: Microsoft LM Hashes, MD4, MD5, SHA-family, Unix Crypt formats, MySQL, Cisco PIX, and many others. Download the latest release and unpack it in the desired location. Multi thread Features Combinator attack Brute-Force attack Fingerprint attack Dictionary attack Mask attack Hybrid attack Rule-based attack Permutation attack Table-Lookup attack PRINCE attack Toggle-Case attack ​ Hashcat notice the purposes for this step. At whatever point any product chooses to go open source, the permit matters the […]

Check Your Android Device is Vulnerability to attack from Hacker

Now a  day Vulnerability is the major problem in mobile security. In past year many of the trouble found in Android device such as Bug, hacking and some other Vulnerabilities in mobile. The Seriours Vulnerabilities is the Stragefright Security Bug. In which we needed to intall malicious code on the Android devices, that code be in simple text messages. The app of VTS for Android is a free open souce app which can check your mobile or tablet devices for 22 vulnerabilities, it also alert you to any possible problems. Note: Your mobile Antivirus may stop this App for installation, because it contain […]

Every Window Password Crack by Computer Cluster in 5.5 hours

Are you felling your window computer safe? But it possible to crack every window computer by another computer cluster.This cluster can crack password of any window os in 5-6 hours only. This monster cycles around 350 billion estimates for each second and it could utilize another virtualization programming that gets juice from 25 GPUs (AMD Radeon representation card). The 64 bit Linux-based GPU bunch runs the Virtual OpenCL group stage that permits these representation cards to function as though they are on a solitary PC. This implies, the computer cluster can attempt and mammoth 958 password combination in only 5.5 hours. This stunning […]

Remove Credit Card, Now Withdraw Money With Eye Scan ATM

Now credit card is also #hackable, so we need more security in the #transaction of money with the best security. Now recently report of The Wall Street Journal that there, iris scan technology #ATMs will soon be available for public for withdrawing money. In this project #Citigroup bank and #Diebold Security Company is doing work for the eye scan ATM rather than any require PINs. This Iris scan Concept is being tested in #Citigroup’s innovation Lab in New York, there is no need to debit /credit card for access your account at the ATM. It’s designed by Diebold Security Company for Citi bank ATMs, […]

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