Build your Covid19-Bot with LUIS, QnAmaker & Azure Bot Service

The sad reality is that covid19 is spreading quickly and will continue to spread for a while. But there is good thing, the recovery rate is higher than the previous Corona Virus. In the era of AI world, technology play a crucial role to tackle down the covid19 pandemic. Around 24 K new cases a day and it’s growing fast We don’t know how many people will be affected by the virus, some are directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic situation. The economy is going to crash, which means the business will be affected. through business, common people are […]

Engineers develop a cheap material for purity dirty water to Drinkable

Biofoam sheets taking into account graphene can be laid on top of messy or salty waterways to filter them and make the water safe to savor, researchers the US have found. The procedure – the most recent marvelous case of what miracle material graphene can do – has gigantic potential as a shabby, power free water cleaning technique for creating countries. These double layer biofoam sheets work by drawing up water from underneath and after that making it dissipate in the highest layer, discharging new water as buildup on the top and leaving particles and salts stuck in the froth. […]

Futuristic ‘Cyber Garden’ Can Roll Itself Around to Keep Plants Alive

On the off chance that you experience difficulty keeping plants alive, you might be gladdened by the presence of this independent moving Cyber garder sphere (not its actually name) from the Interactive Architecture Lab. The “urban cyber-gardener,” as its makers have alluded to it, contains 12 garden modules that can contain diverse plants, and can conform themselves keeping in mind the end goal to get pretty much daylight, and it is encompassed by an exoskeleton that can move itself around to discover ideal plant-developing conditions. To the extent robots go, we really trust this one gets to be aware and […]

You can change the color of your clothes instantly by using ‘Smart threads’

The technology is called Ebb and it looks like we are not only able to instantly be able to change the colour of our shirt, but it even seems possible that we could change the logo on it. Ever gone out and instantly lamented your choice of pastel shirt? All things considered, another shading changing string created by Scientists in the US could soon make that feeling a thing of the past- and could likewise open up the likelihood of utilizing our articles of clothing as material presentations we wear on our bodies.  Not just might you be able to change […]

World’s tiniest Programmable DNA Thermometer

University of Montreal’s Scientists has developed a programmable DNA thermometer which  is 20,000x smaller than a human hair.  Past one decades, scientists discovered that the DNA molecules which is used to encode a genetic information.”In a few years, biochemists also discovered that biomolecules such as proteins or RNA (a molecule similar to DNA) are employed as nanothermometers in living organisms and report temperature variation by folding or unfolding,” this said by senior author Prof. Alexis Vallée-Bélisle.”Inspired by those natural nanothermometers, which are typically 20,000x smaller than a human hair, we have created various DNA structures that can fold and unfold at specifically defined temperatures.” One […]

Naturally clean your home’s indoor air by using ‘Clairy’

Clairy is one of the most amazing natural air purifier, which control with smartphone App and its pot made by Italian ceramic and it’s also have fans for polluted air send out to thier home. Mostly people think that air pollution is only outside of our home, but it’s totally wrong thinking. Recent studies have out that indoor pollution is 5x more than outside air pollution and we created 90% of indoor air pollution, this report said by ‘WHO organization’. So people think that why we care indoor air pollution. Clairy guys come to reduce indoor pollution by using product of […]

How to get Soft hands with Natural Remedies

This article gives you simple tips to make your hand soft in winter follow these tips and get soft hands. We know that every feminine wants a pretty hand but winter makes your hand dry and lifeless. 1. Apply Olive oil and a Sugar. Take 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and add a teaspoon of sugar, rub your hands together for several minutes after that rinse with water. 2.A mix of glycerin, rosewater and lemon Take a small jar, add glycerin, rose water of equal amount and add a squeeze fresh lemon juice stir well. Take a small amount of […]

6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of From Pimples

if we see a single pimples on our face we feel embarrassed and lose confidence, it's removed beauty of our face. Realistically, pimples will not able to disappear in a single night, but the remedies, treatment, skin care tips and products will remove it. Do you really want to know how to get rid of pimples for easy way? So read today article which is based on to get rid of pimples by using the daily / natural remedy. Here are giving 6 Simple ways to get rid of your pimples….. 1. Ice can be used to reduce redness, swelling and […]

Playing Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Us Health​

Playing Video game can reduce your depression,relieve your stress and make you feel better. "Computer games change your brain" as indicated by University of Wisconsin analyst C. Shawn Green. Playing computer games change the mind's physical structure the same route as do figuring out how to peruse, playing the piano, or exploring utilizing a guide. Much like activity can manufacture muscle, the effective mix of focus and compensating surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine reinforce neural circuits that can assemble the mind.  A 2010 learn at Texas A&M conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson demonstrated that both men and ladies who play […]

Boosting Your Productivity By Listen Best Music

Listening to music while you are working can be a viable methodology for boosting efficiency. When you turn on that music, it gets you in the right temper and you work all the more proficiently. That is what Dr. Teresa Lesiuk, a partner educator in the music treatment program at the University of Miami, says. She has watched that music significantly affects working environment execution.  1. Music with Sounds of nature in it.  Specialists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that music that has a characteristic component in it could help states of mind and center. As indicated by these analysts, […]

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