People can track your social media site through new Facial Recognition Tool

Information security company Trustwave researchers have released a new open-source tool a Social Mapper, that uses to collect your social media profiles by using face recognition technique on a large scale. while heard a sound like a terrible idea, tool’s creators say it will help to white hat hackers to keep up with black hat hackers. The tool, Social Mapper, is open-source and can pick someone’s details from  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and Chinese microblogging sites Weibo and Douban, and Russian social media service VKontakte. To start that, the user needs to fill out the list of a person’s name with […]

Store Entire World Information on Test Tube

Engineer Robert Grass says that however we trust data is here forever, it’s really delicate. Hard drives and physical sources of data, similar to books, decay over time. In a video from the BBC, Grass portrays his mission to discover a system for safeguarding data that could be steady for a large number of years. The mystery is DNA.  Only 1 gram of DNA is theoretically equipped for holding 455 Exabytes – enough for all the information held by Google, Facebook and each other significant tech organization, with space to save. It’s additionally staggeringly sturdy: DNA has been removed and […]

Learn Code By Facebook Techprep

Facebook is Launched #TechPrep, another activity in association with #McKinsey and Company, to offer assets like instructional exercises, recordings and diversions for folks to offer their children some assistance with pursueing professions in PC #programming. In spite of the fact that TechPrep is for the most part an asset center point for learners, folks and gatekeepers intrigued by professions in tech, Facebook is first concentrating on groups where there are high populaces of dark and latino individuals. Facebook dispatched another activity called TechPrep. Pointed especially at ladies and minorities, it’s intended to help adolescents discover a direction in the universe […]

Facebook’s Update For iPhone Fixes– Two Major Battery Drains

If you use #Facebook on your favorite #iPhone, your #battery may terribly go down. Whereas we tend to would not calculate this suddenly ever-changing, Facebook is #fixing 2 major issues that were splintering away at your charge. As Facebook #engineer Ari Grant explained, there have been 2 major problems that were inflicting giant, excess battery drains. The primary was a relentless computer hardware spin cycle that was expenditure your resources while not extremely doing an abundance of something. The second, and on the face of it worse, was a bug that caused Associate in Nursing audio channel to remain open if […]

Anyone Search–Your–2 Trillions Post on Facebook

#2trillions post on #Facebook now publicly opens for #search anyone can see your #post easily. Facebook makes easier #search #engine like a Google, Twitter for finding any stuffs. This new feature of Facebook gives new indexes of 2trillions of FB posts it works like any other search engine. The new features, called “Search FYI”, are designed to make it easier to ascertain information on Facebook.  If lots of users are talking around an event such as evidence of water on Mars, for example, it will find posts around that subject.  The search results will display links from news organizations, posts from friends and […]

Facebook adding 6 Feeling Buttons

Facebook CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ confirmed that dislike button be added with 6 emotion action. The six emoji that will be added alongside the like button are: Love, ha-ha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry. Which one’s your least favorite? Tell us on our Facebook page.     With the new Reactions feature, Facebook is now eyeing the fact that people suffer a variety of emotions that they wish to express on Facebook. This set of emoji will be coming very soon to your Facebook account. How do you feel after reading around the upcoming moments on Facebook? Like, love, ha-ha, yay, wow, sad, or […]

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