Facebook’s Update For iPhone Fixes– Two Major Battery Drains

If you use #Facebook on your favorite #iPhone, your #battery may terribly go down. Whereas we tend to would not calculate this suddenly ever-changing, Facebook is #fixing 2 major issues that were splintering away at your charge. As Facebook #engineer Ari Grant explained, there have been 2 major problems that were inflicting giant, excess battery drains. The primary was a relentless computer hardware spin cycle that was expenditure your resources while not extremely doing an abundance of something. The second, and on the face of it worse, was a bug that caused Associate in Nursing audio channel to remain open if […]

Facebook adding 6 Feeling Buttons

Facebook CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ confirmed that dislike button be added with 6 emotion action. The six emoji that will be added alongside the like button are: Love, ha-ha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry. Which one’s your least favorite? Tell us on our Facebook page.     With the new Reactions feature, Facebook is now eyeing the fact that people suffer a variety of emotions that they wish to express on Facebook. This set of emoji will be coming very soon to your Facebook account. How do you feel after reading around the upcoming moments on Facebook? Like, love, ha-ha, yay, wow, sad, or […]

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