Little cute ‘Codeybot’ robot teaches Kids to coding, dances

The startup company called Makeblock, is led by CEO Jasen Wang and his team was developed a Codeybot which can teach kids how to code at easy way and also teaches of dances, play music & laser shoots for entertainment for kids. And it  runs on OpenWt Linux. He reveal that he learn to code when he study an undergraduate. “But I’ve been captivated by it since I started learning.”“I think coding is a very useful path to creation, for kids especially,” Jasen adds. “In this information age, coding became a useful and important method – children can make their ideas come […]

World’s First Smart Microhabitat — ‘Biopod’

Biopod is an app-controlled microhabitat that automatically manages temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Develop anything from a herb, vegetable or flower garden to a rainforest for your pets. Biopod recreates the perfect environment for your plants, creatures or both. Application of Biopod Animal Habitat Herb & veggie garden Home Decorate Educational Tools Office ​How to used it:     Source: kickstarter

Anyone Can Make an Own Robot–With Robo Wunderkind

Meet #Robo Wunderkind is the new way to design your own #Robot.This is building programming with #Lego-like bricks game,that be teach to kids learn how to program,how algorithms and code work in robot design. Robo Wunderkind is a #robotics kit which can you build own robot with fun,pick and basic programming skills along the way.and kids also playing game with that robot at easily. How to build Robot with Robo Wunderkind: It is easy to build Robot The connecting of brick together to make it own functionality Robot. It haven't any wire to connection. Learning Code: Learn code via app’s visual […]

World’s Smallest Museum to Carry in Your Hand

Mini-Museum is the collection of the objects of #cultural interest, #historical, #artists, #scientific and #life which is stored in a small  plastic board for exhibition. Every specimen in the mini-museum is iconic, labeled and authentic. It is developed by: Hans Fex Now the second edition is available There are some features in the second edition: Focus on a Single Acrylic Size Advance Specimen Preparation Improved Clarity US-Based Manufacturing Printed Companion Guide Included Laser-Etched Limited Edition Numbers Details Specimens in Mini Museum     Source: Kickstarter

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