Magic Leap wants to make the Entire World ‘AR Layer’

Magic Leap, the company known for its augmented reality headsets, is uncovering some excellent ideas regarding what it sees as the future of technology. Rony Abovitz, the company’s CEO, first shared his vision for the future, called the “Magicverse,” in Oct. 2018.  Abovitz developed that thought in a company blog post and interview on 23 Feb 19, in which he describes the Magicverse as “an Emergent System of Systems bridging the physical with the digital, in a large scale, persistent manner within a community of people.” The Magicverse is a vast though that can be wrap into one’s headset AR. Basically, […]

Virtual Reality Become a Real via –Magic Leap

#Magic #Leap idea that computing should be molded and forged to work for us: our life, our #physiology, we connected #relationships.  That exploring #human #creativity is as big an #adventure as exploring #space. It’s a thought established in the conviction that individuals ought not need to pick between innovation or well being, innovation or security, the virtual world or this present reality. This conviction was conceived from two straightforward perceptions: That present innovation, we use to get to the advanced world utmost, or even take us away, from the material every one of the universes. That the eventual fate of […]

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