Technique Behind of ‘The Martian’ Movie

The zero-gravity, high-octane activity groupings and stunning scenes, the most striking thing about The Martian is the means by which it changed over exploratory issues into exciting show. The race to get space explorer Mark Watney (Matt Damon) once more from Mars relies on upon Watney’s own particular resourcefulness and the best and brightest researchers on Earth assembling their heads to make sense of this apparently outlandish issue.    Actually, this movie based on “The Martian Novels” by  ‘Andy Weir’                  What sets this motion picture from the larger part of sci-fi offerings […]

Water Found On Mars, Verifies by NASA

Through image spectrometer on MAR (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), NASA Researchers found the mark of hydrated minerals on slopes of Mars. NASA Researchers said that Mars is not dry planet, in the past, most people thought that Mars has dry planet, but that is wrong, They said in a press conference. Now We will predicting of life existing on Mars because, NASA Scientists confirmed that water is in existence on Mars.        Miss today’s #MarsAnnouncement? Here’s the highlights on evidence that liquid water flows on present-day Mars: — NASA (@NASA) September 28, 2015

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