Implantable LEDs Can Relieve your Pain Without Any Drugs

In future physicians can use implants LED to relieve your pain instead any a pill giving to patients. Sometime very hard to maintain chronic pain by any physician, but researchers now found new technology to relieve your pain through an implantable electronic device in our body, which have feature to activate LED (light-emitting diode), it might be able to relieve your pain to switch on the LED. Scientists have looked around the field of technology called optogenetics, it able to treatment for pain in the past. In previous versions they used external light sources which had to be attached to a part of […]

Self Driving Cars Would be Programmed to Kill You

In the #future, #self-driving cars will soon rule the roads and as the tests suggest, the #autonomous #vehicles take extra security precautions.  According to the reports, very few minor #accidents that took place along the road during tests, were caused due to the mistake of other vehicles or people on the road.  This brings us to a very interesting scenario that deals with an issue of unavoidable accidents. The question  is over assessing the relative morality of different algorithms—who gets harmed and who gets spared. The car can remain on course and kill several #pedestrians, or swerve and kill one […]

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