10 Tips to Secure your Mobile Phone

First time in history, more than 25% mobile use of the global population in 2015 survey, and more than one-third of the consumers worldwide by 2018. The sudden rise of mobile device can be increased use of mobile application on the mobile platform. But something may be happened on mobile devices due to less security on their mobile phone. So use some tips to maintain your mobile security. The most time security problems. Most time security problem arises via mobile app, these top mobile app categories to leak vulnerability of your mobile are: Game, Shopping, Social, Weather, transportation Tips to […]

Check Your Android Device is Vulnerability to attack from Hacker

Now a  day Vulnerability is the major problem in mobile security. In past year many of the trouble found in Android device such as Bug, hacking and some other Vulnerabilities in mobile. The Seriours Vulnerabilities is the Stragefright Security Bug. In which we needed to intall malicious code on the Android devices, that code be in simple text messages. The app of VTS for Android is a free open souce app which can check your mobile or tablet devices for 22 vulnerabilities, it also alert you to any possible problems. Note: Your mobile Antivirus may stop this App for installation, because it contain […]

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