Mysterious ‘WT1190F’ Space Object has Reached safely in Indian Ocean

The #Mysterious space object 'WT1190F' expected to reach into the Indian Ocean or near southern coast of Sri Lanka.This object likely to similar man-made space object which likely belong to lunar or interplanetary mission.It expected size has found during fall into ocean is 1-2 Meters or 3-6 feet. This is first time of NASA astronomers knew that when and where a piece of space garbage would reached on Earth's atmosphere at Nov 13 2015. The space object might have burnt to ashes before reaching the Earth’s atmosphere it was revealed . See this post also—–: Mysterious Space Garbage Source: NASA

‘WTF’-Mysterious Space Garbage Will Reach in Near India on Nov-13-2015

A #mysterious  pieces of #spacecraft will hit of the Earth coastal off #Sri Lanka near #India on #November 2015. Up to now scientist have also doubted about that space object, actually they don’t know. What it is, they gave it technically the name is ‘#WT1190F’ objects. An #astrophysicist from #Harvard-Smithsonian Center said that “It’s a lost piece of space history that’s come back to haunt us“. Dr. Tim Flohrer, head of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Program office, explained that the space object is only a couple of inches in diameter, and that part of it will completely burn up even before crashing into the planet. […]

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