Little cute ‘Codeybot’ robot teaches Kids to coding, dances

The startup company called Makeblock, is led by CEO Jasen Wang and his team was developed a Codeybot which can teach kids how to code at easy way and also teaches of dances, play music & laser shoots for entertainment for kids. And it  runs on OpenWt Linux. He reveal that he learn to code when he study an undergraduate. “But I’ve been captivated by it since I started learning.”“I think coding is a very useful path to creation, for kids especially,” Jasen adds. “In this information age, coding became a useful and important method – children can make their ideas come […]

Honda Design a ASIMO-Style Robot For Disaster Response

Honda is building up another form of their ASIMO robot that could be valuable in dangerous settings to keep people out of hurt's way. The current ASIMO robot is apparently the most exceptional robot in the world, so why didn't Honda put their robots into action during  the Fukushima Nuclear disaster? Honda didn't simply dispatch ASIMO (apparently one of the crucial most refined and prepared humanoid robots in presence) to help out. the simple answer is that ASIMO wouldn't have the capacity to deal with that kind (or any kind) of extreme environment. The robotic was once not the slightest […]

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