Here’s Why You Should Never Use Tor Without A VPN

Tor users swear by and are grateful for the kind of internet privacy and security provided by the browser. Over the years though, technology has been catching up with the browser and some of its flaws have been capitalized on. Even though a good number of these flaws have been patched, that doesn’t take away the fact that Tor alone might not be enough. It is thus worth considering layering your Tor connection over a VPN when next you want to surf the internet/ deep web. How Tor works The Onion Router (TOR) was called that name for a reason. […]

10 Tips to Secure your Mobile Phone

First time in history, more than 25% mobile use of the global population in 2015 survey, and more than one-third of the consumers worldwide by 2018. The sudden rise of mobile device can be increased use of mobile application on the mobile platform. But something may be happened on mobile devices due to less security on their mobile phone. So use some tips to maintain your mobile security. The most time security problems. Most time security problem arises via mobile app, these top mobile app categories to leak vulnerability of your mobile are: Game, Shopping, Social, Weather, transportation Tips to […]

Hacker Can Steal Data From Radio, Sound Wave By ‘Funtenna’

A researcher named Ang Cui demonstrated that there’s a possibility to remotely take information from a focused on PC without increasing any physical access to the objective PC, or to the system joined with the objective PC. He codenamed this inventive hack as 'Funtenna'.  A recent experiment by a researcher would drive you to reevaluate the safety of your critical information and make you put a coincided shield around your PCs and server farms to prevent the radio frequencies from passing. This creative hack can change any gadget or equipment, suppose printer or scanner, joined with the Internet – a portion of the […]

FreeCharge Files patent for ‘On The Go Pin’ Alternative of OTP

Snapdeal owned digital payments company #FreeCharge has developed in-house #FinTech (finacial technology) based innovation as an alternative to the one-time-password and has filed patent application for the same. New Age Indian Startup Companies Waking up to the Potential of Patents The patent pending authentication technology is termed as ‘On The Go Pin’ and is focus at working both online as well as offline transactions faster by cutting the delay caused by receiving the OTP through text message as reported by TOI. Rahul Dev, patent and trademark lawyer at Tech Corp Legal, told ET this pattern of licensing new innovation is […]

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