Star Wars: BattleFront Game —Available Now

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most popular action game from Star Wars franchise. It is an action game which play either a first-person or the third-person for shooter video game. The players of this game can travel in the planets from Star Wars Universe,such as Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and Sullust.It is developed by EA DICE and Published by Electronic Arts. The game has cooperative missions, which cab be played offline or campaign mode. In that game player can complete his missions independly and another player. In online mode game supports up to 40 players in one match.     […]

Building Own Galaxy With Code of ‘Star Wars’

Lucasfilm, Disney and, the nonprofit association that is taking a shot at growing access to computer science, have united in a mission to offer understudies some assistance with building so as to learn how to code their own Star Wars game. This game tutorial consists of an online lesson that teaches students, how to build own game with popular characters are Princess Leia, Rey, BB-8 — featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO. Play with Hour of code This tutorial help for kids to become good programming knowledge at side of the study. In that game have simple step to design own game […]

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