First Wearable Sweat Sensor Monitors your Health

There's no deficiency of wearable devices intended to help you monitor your health, however researchers say these standard gadgets have so far been overlooking one important wellspring of wellbeing information: your sweat.  Researchers taking a shot at wearable innovation have put hard labor into their most recent venture – well the sweat at any rate.  A US group has grown new keen sensors that can screen your analyzing so as to wellbeing just the substance of your sweat and send the outcomes straightforwardly to your cell phone.  The adaptable sensor framework measures the metabolites and electrolytes – the blend of […]

Terahertz breakthrough 100x Faster than other WIFI

100 times faster WiFi Router than the current generation of WiFi Router for communication. A partnership between Japanese & US Researchers in developing 100x faster WiFi communication than the present scenario of WiFi communication which is called as ‘Terahertz Breakthrough’. The current WiFi communication is using microwave frequency. If we want faster WiFi connection, scientist are trying frequencies in between microwave and infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Every high speed of WiFi or bandwidth are using multiplexing techniques for taking in and out of streams of data from one place to another.    

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