Wireless Electricity Design from Scrap

HOW TO MAKE COILS FOR TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY FROM SCRAP We are designing a circuit for transmission of wireless electricity by using scrap material. Step 1: Material require for making wireless electricity transmission circuit are 1 NPN transistor, 1 resister of 1 kilo Ohm, 1 led ,one battery and insulated copper wire coils.       Step 2: Take NPN transistor of BC 337, BC547 etc. Step 3: Take insulated copper wire from your old transformers inside CFC Bulbs, inside motors, inside speakers, etc. and make more 10 round coils,make one more coils for led bulb. Step 4: Take two end of coils, one be connecting to transistor middle […]


Innovation that can remotely control our gadgets on the go could change our reality. Envision never needing to module your cell again, or innovation that consistently keeps your electronic auto battery running. As indicated by Energous Corporation, that day is practically around the bend. Energous’ WattUp is a remote charger for electronic gadgets. It can charge your cell and other battery-empowered gadgets on the make a go at utilizing something that is as of now inexhaustibly streaming surrounding us – radio waves. There are a few organizations drawing nearer this same issue in diverse ways. Nikola Labs exhibited at TechCrunch […]

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