Women’s Day 2020 perspective: A little cooperation would do :)

Happy Women’s Day 2020 I see Many young girls feel offended while being called as a Feminist not because they hate to be one, but because it’s used in the likes of hooligans. On the eve of women’s day, let’s check ourselves if feminism is really that bad!!! From Wikipedia So, whatever we today take for granted and think they are basic, were fought by people of yester generation. It’s their sacrifices, blood and sweat we are basking on. The only favor we can possibly do to all those great souls is not to make feminism sound like a bad […]

Five Inspiring Women Scientists you should have heard about her work

Happy International Women’s Day #Internationalwomenday It’s International Women’s Day, keep in mind, we needn’t bother with a reason to discuss the numerous amazing things accomplished by women in science now and numerous decades back, we’re absolutely not going to release an open door like this by without acquainting you all with what may be a couple of new faces. 1. Carolyn Porco, a planetary scientist  Carolyn Porco is one of the pioneers of the imaging science group on the Cassini mission, which is booked to dispatch its second mission in the not so distant future to circle Saturn. 2. Janaki Ammal -Indian botanist […]

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